Foreword: Rise of the Small

A very kind and impactful foreword for Rise of the Small by a prolific man, Mr Teng Theng Dar, the ex-CEO of Singapore Business Federation and Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to Oman. “I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Raymond Ng for writing… Read More

Wanna Get Hot and X with us?

Two blog posts ago, our data analyst intern, Soh Qiling, researched and shared about the valuation of Hotx and how this platform is a reflection of the public’s sentiments. (To see post, click here) On the Hotx platform, users will… Read More

Katalyst Proof-of-Loyalty and how it is applied to HOTX

Katalyst uses the Proof-of-Loyalty(POL) consensus model for its blockchain. POL rewards users for carrying out desired economic activities set by the owner of the algorithm. In the case of HOTX, users will be awarded with hotcoin (and other coins should… Read More