Installation Instructions

Make sure you sign the form below regarding backing up of your account

Step 1 : Proceed to¬†(The wallet is integrated with a decentralized exchange right inside – your account balance is forever with you and not with the exchange thus making our exchange one of the safest in the world). Click on “New Account”

Step 2 : Read through notice, click on “I understand” after understanding the notice.

Step 3 : Highlight the wallet seed. Copy the content.


Step 4 : Copy and paste to a text file, do not allow people to see your seed. Copy and paste your address into the file as well.


Step 5 : Enter your name and password.

Step 6 : You are now in your main wallet dashboard.


Step 7 : Click on backup and view the seed and address corresponds to your backup file.


Step 8 : The backup file must be kept in secret. Either store in your USB or you may write down on a piece of paper the seed so that you may restore it in the future or to install on more devices so that at any one time you are able to access your ewallet content.


Step 9 : Restore your seed on another machine / another account on your same machine. Confirm that the address is the same address as above.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.35.27 PM.png

Step 10 : View your wallet on another machine or another account on the same machine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.35.54 PM.png

Do note that if you lose your seed, you would not be able to access your wallet anymore and all funds on that wallet would be lost forever. Nobody would be able to assist you to restore the content of the wallet. You must remember your seed.

Please confirm via this form that you have done the above steps correctly