Katalyst is founded on the basis of addressing the various gaps observed in the capital industry.

The investment methodology of the capital industry is broken. The problems are as follows;

1. 90% of venture capital investments would fail. That means 90% of the billions invested in business would be lost.

Excessive waste of social, financial, economic & market resources.

2. Even for the 10% that have varying degrees of success, they would have to wait for 3 to 5 years.

Immobile capital locked for 5 years not able for redeployment for greater profits.

3. Most of the investment opportunities are only open to accredited investors. Much of the middle class are excluded from opportunities that can potentially fetch 10x financial returns.

??Social classes are rendered immobile because the opportunities to expand themselves are not available.

Katalyst Coin blockchain platform would solve all the above mentioned problems.

Recent advances in blockchain adoption allow us to validate the market need via Initial Coin Offerings.

If the market need is validated in less than 2 months by a successful Initial Coin Offerings, implementation can then start to realise the business vision.

If the market need is not validated in 2 months, the funds can be returned to the coin buyers and the project is terminated and the project owner may choose to proceed on his own.

In effect, what it means for Katalyst Coin blockchain user is whatever traditional investors take 5 years to know the investment results, the user can know in less than 2 months. Most importantly, financial rewards can already be reaped in these 2 months instead of 5 years.

The reason why venture capitalists are generally not doing anything to resolve these problems is that in spite of their 90% failures, the 10% successes already give them huge financial success.

Imagine however, if 10% successes can give such huge financial success, what more would the industry perform if the success rate is 60% or even more.

To select highly scalable & disruptive businesses that are safe and secure, and at the same time giving high financial returns is not methodically difficult. There are only 3 main parameters to look at. When these 3 main parameters are checked out, the rest of the factors would more or less fall in place.

Katalyst Coin blockchain platform would contain the methodology to discover 3 main parameters in business models. It allows the discovery of such a business model and realisation of profits from 5 years to 2 months. After all, time is money.

Success rate should be very much higher than the typical 10% success rates in the venture capital industry and giving the users of Katalyst potentially more than 10-50x financial returns.

Actual Mechanism

Proof of Loyalty – Katalyst is in the process of implementing https://pol.katalyst.exchange to allow normal layman to be able to leverage on Blockchain without specialized knowledge. The users do not need to know how to know their seed words to use Blockchain.

Decentralized Exchange – Katalyst implements a decentralized exchange at https://katalyst.exchange. This exchange allows the users to be able to trade their tokens for other tokens. (Terms and conditions apply – this exchange won’t be trading securities based tokens till we get the relevant approvals from the relevant government agencies).