SpeedProp Global Inc.: Exclusive Business Presentation in Singapore

More than 80% of the world’s population have bought properties at above bank valuation!

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 : TRN Centre #19-14 International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903
Date : 12 Dec 2018, Wednesday
Time : 730pm

Key Facts on SpeedProp Global Inc.

Our People

SpeedProp’s core technology team includes Doctorate Researchers in data science, statistics, real estate and system modeling development led by a renowned Oxford University trained chief scientist. SpeedProp’s operation is run by a unique combination of team members with background in real estate management, private equity and business consulting. Our market development is led by real estate community leaders including KC See, Heng Zee Soon and Ahyat Ishak, who are collectively reaching out to more than 100,000 people in the investor community.


Region’s First Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform empowers searches for below market value properties, sales and facilitates fractionalisation of investment grade properties.

Cutting Edge Technology

SpeedProp proprietary algorithms and multiple Artificial Intelligence cognitive computing platforms enable multi-staged processes that seek to identify mispriced properties in the marketplace. Adapting Dynamic Predictive model originated from Oxford University, SpeedProp combines both fundamental and quantitative analysis while formulating new investment insights through the usage of A.I.

Financial Performance

High growth digital business model to exceed RM 1 Billion in sales within 5 years.

Highlights of the Presentation

  • Live Preview on using AI to find below market value properties in Asia (Yes, it’s in Asia, now! See it to believe it!)
  • 3 facts you didn’t know about investing in Tech Companies
  • How does SpeedProp leverage Property Technology (Proptech) 3.0 to disrupt the market
  • How you can ride the wave to profit from SpeedProp (You don’t need to be an A.I. geek to make money from A.I. tech!)

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SpeedProp Global Inc.: Intelligent App for Smart Investors

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SpeedProp Global Inc. is the next generation platform delivering informative real estate analytics, fractional property ownership to optimise return on investment to its investors. It also seeks to speed up the liquidity of property market by offering faster property sale service. SpeedProp Global Inc’s platform has the potential to unleash industry disruption by opening up significant amounts of previously untapped and low liquidity property as a high yielding, low risk asset class , thereby completely up-lifiting the entire property industry for the betterment of property investors, owners, and agents.

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Key Speaker

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KC See, Director – An accountant by profession, KC started the Quest MasteryAsia group 30 years ago to become a leading consulting firm in Asia with offices in K.L.,Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. As the creator of the Money Mastery Mentosrhip program he has coached and mentored over 10,000 members from 20 different countries.

MasteryAsia is also one of the first organization in the region to start property investment programs and also created the MasteryAsia Property Series of books which includes “The Strategic Property Investor” by Ahyat Ishak, “Smart property Investors knows the Law” By Elizabeth Siew, “Grow Rich through Responsible Levergaing” by Adrian Un and “Propreneur- 7 strategies on how to leverage on property to build profitable businesses.” His organization has been involved with transacting over RM200 million worth of properties over the last few years

KC See was one of the earliest student of Robert Kiyosaki, was acknowledged by Robert in his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

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