I have just completed the programmable part of the dashboard. All members can now see their respective data on the dashboard.

1) Email
2) EUR balance
3) Tento balance
4) Referral URL, which you can send to everyone and the signup is linked and connected to you.

What is meaningful for all of us is that it marks the start of a repeatable system which everyone can recruit and introduce new people into the tento system. Truly as a coin that is meant for everyone, it must be able to spread on the Net and available to anyone whether they have;

1) A cheap smart phone.
2) High end iPhone / Samsung
3) High end Macbooks / Notebooks.

The access to the system must be uninhibited. Everyone must be able to access the system.

We are in the process of making the dashboard visually appealing, but at the same time we do not want to make it bandwidth or resource heavy and that anyone with any form of internet access or smart devices must be able to handle it.

Here are the next few features to implement;

1) Network structure – the people that you have introduced to the network.
2) Incorporation of the merchant apps – purchase of merchant products and also marketing
3) Outsource of proof of stake mining to us so that you invisibly and effortlessly enjoy mining benefits.
4) Mobile wallet interface so that you truly bring the Tento system with just a mobile phone.

I invite all of you to register an account at http://tentocoin.com and be a part of our development.

With this, I thank you for your attention. Best Regards.

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