Plus for Waves/KDEX/Tento

1. Fast, can be as fast as 1,000-2,000 txs/second.

Fact : BTC is 6 txs/second. ETH is 10 txs/second.

2. Fast token management – for future merchant integration (Super1Coin for example, can be created in less than 1 minute)

Fact : BTC cannot allow other token to be built on top (we don’t talk about second layer scaling) and ETH can handle other tokens but must know smart contract.

3. Exchange is built in. Decentralised exchange – the safest exchange is one without any money or tokens inside. KDEX is one of those exchanges.

Fact : 95+% of the exchanges are all centralised exchanges, meaning your tokens are with the exchange and if it is hacked, your tokens are lost.

4. Token as a fee. Meaning you can use your own token as a fee. For example, Tento can be used as a fee inside the blockchain. This is big as it saves thousands of dollars of gas fee every day.

Fact : most other blockchain like Ethereum require their tokens to use ETH as gas fee if not they cannot use. Incurring thousands of dollars of expenses every day.

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