A few Katalyst owners have been asking me about an update for a few weeks now. To be honest, one prominent Katalyst owner is rather pissed with me but I think I shall spare you the details of that.

In any case, in any projects there would be some people who are happy and there are those who would be pissed. There are also those who would be more patient. Let’s just focus on the main issues rather than personalities as this is more objective. I shall divide the update to be technological and business.

Technological Update

First thing first, our decentralized exchange has been completed ever since about 4 months ago, this is how it looks like.

Screenshot from 2018-11-04 00-36-32.png

The KatalystDEX is at https://katalyst.exchange

After logging in this is the dashboard that you would be seeing. It contains some of the tokens that we are planning to provide a gateway for;

Screenshot from 2018-11-04 00-43-19.png

The following is the exchange screen;

Screenshot from 2018-11-04 00-43-29.png

Our promise to develop a proof of Loyalty explorer has been fulfilled. This is to provide transparency to the economic activities that are to be recorded.

Screenshot from 2018-11-04 00-51-55.png

The explorer is available at https://pol.katalystcoin.com and now it is tracking activities on https://hotx.io and https://daebak.club. The 2 websites are proof of concepts on how proof of loyalty can work to provide transparency on recording and rewarding economic activities.

Business Update

With the PoL as the background, we are making advancement to various business partnership. We understand that technology by itself does not make a business. We are judging basing on our strength it is better for us to gather user base to our exchange via providing the exchange framework for other businesses to use.

For example, we are having a MOU with QuestXchange and we are providing our blockchain platform for their exchange, which seeks to provide a platform for Malaysian SMEs to expand their business ecosystems via mature blockchain platform provided by Questxchange.

HighResolutionTransparentFile-8.pngQuestxchange is part of a company that is going to be listed in American stock market. US OTC, and is planned to be listed in Nasdaq in years.

We are also providing our technological framework to help an innovative project in Malaysia that is bringing crypto to the masses.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-22 at 3.01.19 PM (1).jpeg

Kryptoxchanger allows people to have a convenient access between crypto and fiat. Via POS like this.




And these POS machines would be interfaced with the KatalystDEX blockchain.

We are also partnering with TentoCoin that provides an unique concept of Decentralized Referral Marketing system, and they would be interfacing with KatalystDEX to provide that very unique solution.


Cpy 3-07

It allows people to participate in blockchain with as little as 10 EUR. With this small entry point truly everyone in the world can be a part of blockchain. This is experiencing a high speed of growth, and it is set to grow in different parts in Southeast Asia. Already as we speak, we are expanding into Malaysia, Nigeria, United Kingdoms, America, etc.

As a result of an increased penetration into the market it would also allow us to approach the businesses to let them be a part of blockchain. Most importantly, this is the missing link in Katalyst. As per our initial white paper we need huge market access and before Tento came about, we did not have a mechanism to approach most of the market. We need huge access to the consumers so that we can integrate the businesses along with it to provide great value to business and also consumers.

We are in the process of developing the world’s first Blockchain based referral marketing system that everyone can use. And it is visible at http://tentocoin.com but it is still pretty raw as of now.

We are also partnering to create the world’s first securities cryptographic exchange. It would allow the listing of securities tokens which means that we would be listing the ownership of real estate, machineries, vehicles, etc.


That said, we would have to communicate with MAS with regards to our exchange and we are in the process of engaging a legal team to go about it. Our first version of the securities exchange would probably only allow company users to be in as they are by default excluded from the regulation of Securities & Futures Act.

That is all the update so far, and I thank you for being part of the journey with Katalyst. There are some hiccups and there are some unexpected surprises too. All in all the journey is better with all you travelling along.

I thank you for reading this. Best Regards.

Raymond Ng,
Chief Katalyst


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