How many of you find it difficult to understand blockchain?

How many of you find it expensive to be involved in blockchain?

Not anymore, with 10 EUR entry point, it is easy to be involved and learn what is blockchain.

After last week’s presentation on Tento, it is time to present the related use case. One of the first use case would be real estate fractionalization and interfacing with decentralized exchange. There are a few cases we are going to act on and now we have formed agreements to collectively approach the legal team and MAS & CEA to ensure maximal compliance.

We would also like to make use of this opportunity to get in touch with the professionals in these fields so that we can set a relationship to target this new field together.

We would be talking about Tento project and real estate fractionalization –┬áNow everyone can be a part of Blockchain. Come to know more.

Venue : 1 North Bridge Road, #07-05, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Date : 18 Oct 2018, Thursday
Time : 7pm

RSVP at this form (we only have 10 seats).

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