How many of you find blockchain very expensive to be involved? A typical cryptomining or cryptotrading activity would cost you at least thousands.

How many of you find that you cannot find a direct way you can benefit from blockchain? Most blockchain projects are not relevant to most users and are not immediately useful for them.

Not anymore.

Katalyst has teamed up with industry veteran. You can be a part of this whole blockchain evolution with as little as EUR 10. You can be part of a team that brings the blockchain evolution to the 97% of the people who are not in blockchain yet. Products and services that would revolutionize the market, you would be the first one to bring it to the market with huge financial rewards for yourself.

You can be a part of a cryptomining exercise that requires only EUR 100. You do not need thousands that conventional cryptomining setup would require.

Our leaders have proven track record of earning EUR 80,000 per week (actual results may differ for everyone). Our leaders also have listed company on the stock market before – so the future would be bright.

Who must come?

Working class – You can take part with as little as EUR 10. Be a part of the evolution and not be left behind.

Entrepreneurs – Be a part of a network that allows you to sell your products and services via the community. The rewards for you would be that your services are sold to a bigger market via blockchain technology.

Middle Class – You are sufficiently affluent and you are looking at this as a business opportunity to expand your options and to expand your wealth.

We would be talking about Tento project – Now everyone can be a part of Blockchain.

Venue : 1 North Bridge Road, #07-05, High Street Centre, Singapore 170094
Date : 11 Oct 2018, Thursday
Time : 7pm

RSVP at this form (we only have 10 seats).

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