Today we LOVE to introduce Violet Lim, the co-founder of Viola.AI! Viola.AI is one of Katalyst’s incubatee and we are so thrilled to be able to have them on our Katalyst Exchange soon. Enjoy this article!

violet lim

Once upon a time, Violet Lim observed that her family, colleagues and friends have complaints about having little time for love due to their busy schedules. This convinced her to set up her matchmaking company Lunch Actually in 2004.

Today, Lunch Actually is the biggest dating company in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok with the highest number of dating membership base. Violet and her husband Jamie subsequently founded Esync and LunchClick so as to bridge the gap between online and offline dating service platforms. The establishment of Lunch Actually Academy seeks to provide singles with Dating and Image Consultancy and Lunch Actually Platinum provides high-end matchmaking services.

Viola.AI is her latest creation. Viola.AI harnesses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to be the World’s first Relationship Registry and Love AI. It helps singles and couples worldwide have happier, long-lasting relationships.

Harnessing on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and trustless Smart Contracts, Viola.AI is set to revolutionize the dating and relationship space in the world. Viola.AI is an AI love advisor and AI driven marketplace that creates and sustain succesful and happy relationships for all singles and couples. Viola.AI will provide secured and highly personalised advices on relationship.

With the blockchain technology, Viola.AI ensures all users are verified and able to secure all registered accounts. The AI-powered Viola provides 24/7 assistance and advices to address users’ needs in relationship seamlessly from singlehood to marriage by learning about users’ behaviours, background and personalities throughout the lifetime.

Violet Lim is the first Asian to be certified by the Matchmaking Institute in New York City, She has appeared in several televisions, radio, and media coverage and featured in local and international media like ABC News 20|20, CNBC Asia, BBC, The Straits Times, Bloomberg and Radio Australia. She was likewise featured in the National Day video in Singapore as one of Singapore’s most inspiring individual.

Head down to our incubatee’s website, www.viola.AI for more details!

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