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In today’s post, we would like to have a brief introduction about Katalyst and its partners/ incubatees. This is so that you can get an overview of the various awesome people in our ecosystem. Enjoy!

Katalyst and Its Partners


katalyst cat

KatalystCoin is the world’s first blockchain which records and rewards all economic transactions. KatalystCoin also pioneered the innovative proof of loyalty concept.



Viola.AI is all about Restoring Trust and Transparency in the US$800 Billion Love Industry. It is more than a dating app–Viola.ai is the first blockchain-powered REL-Registry with verification & backed by an evolving AI Love Advisor for singles, attached and married couples.

The Blockchain and A.I. revolution has just begun with Viola.Ai, with the Mission of “Change The World: One Relationship At A Time!”



Great news! Shopping is now made more fun on blockchain! LoyaltyDEX is the Integrated Retail Blockchain platform which allows consumers to cash out their loyalty points with much ease.

LoyaltyDex is a decentralised customer loyalty system that already has a working prototype. Here are some of the benefits of buying LoyaltyDex:

  • Allow points to be interchanged between willing buyers and willing sellers.
  • Prepare for services with tokens and exchange the tokens for other services as you wish
  • Incredibly cost effective. More merchants and more choices for you as a consumer.
  • Be part of the community. Be incentivised to introduce new companies to more customers.

Sounds great? We think so too!



Ikibook is all about Saving meaningful content, one legacy at a time. It is a blockchain ecosystem for creators, using blockchain as a tool for recording and rewarding your personal legacies.

Here are some of its features:

  • Crowdfunding on smart contracts to allow creatives to self fund and go to the market for support directly.
  • Enrich and enliven society to continue to create works of art that can be left behind for generations by sharing the works of creators across various platforms.
  • By identifying the core values of creatives and marketing the ikibook platform, they aim to reach out to the general public and attract corporate sponsors and those who believe in their mission to build a decentralised cultural bank and a sustainable ecosystem for creatives.



Roboto Coin encourages laypersons to own machines/ robots so as to generate extra revenue.

Intrigued yet? There are more exciting updates coming up in the next few months– Stay Tuned!

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