On the whole, I had a very good internship experience. Being in the PR team which comprises of only two people, my PR manager and I mean that all publicity works are shouldered by the both of us. From writing articles and blog posts to meeting people, and planning for events to brainstorming for social media marketing campaigns. I have learned to become an independent learner, to communicate professionally and to be able to work under pressure. Sometimes, the deadlines get pretty tight especially when it comes to sending out press releases, and it is very important to meet the deadline and gauge when to send out a press release before an event.

If you’ve read my first post archived in the Great Diary section, titled The Rogue PR Intern, or you may just click here, you would know that my knowledge on blockchain was zilch at the start.

After four months in a fintech company, I have certainly learned a lot more about the usage of blockchain for various industries such as how blockchain helps to restore trust and transparency (Viola.AI) between couples. And that’s just to name one. There are more uses around.

A closed friend of mine told me this: unless you’re lucky, you must work hard. And he said this to me because he knew that I always wanted the easy way out. Fresh to the job scope of a PR intern in a fintech company, it was definitely a huge struggle for me at first especially when it came to writing articles and blog posts about valuations, tokenomics etc.

Nevertheless, as the cliche yet powerful saying goes, struggle leads to progression. This is certainly a quote to live by. Learning the ropes isn’t easy and will never be. Contending with oneself is a daily struggle. But looking at the struggle in a positive light makes life much easier to get by.

My job scope encompasses writing articles on blockchain and blog posts on the valuation of current projects. As such, I have improved quite a bit on my writing skills as my job requires me to write a lot.

The founder CEO, Raymond Ng, conducts a meeting every Monday morning to update us on the latest. Raymond runs the business based on his learnings from Chinese philosophy and world history to look at things from an economic standpoint. These teachings have enhanced my learning capacity and make me look at the world from different perspectives.

Work aside, the colleagues whom I met since day one and those who joined the company along the way, soon became my friends. They are a bunch of supportive, encouraging and fun-loving people. The quotidian life in Katalyst is fast-paced. Working with a team of 11 people makes work time fun. A very dynamic team that produces efficient and contriving results at the end of each day.

Most of all, I feel that my biggest contribution to Katalyst would be the fun and creativity that I bring to the tech developers’ desk every day!

Though fare thee well to this internship, my work journey does not stop here. There’s still a whole lot of opportunities waiting out there for me!

To end off, here’s an aphorism by Horace: Carpe Diem! (Latin: to seize the day)

Signing off,

Evan Phua, PR Intern.

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