Two blog posts ago, our data analyst intern, Soh Qiling, researched and shared about the valuation of Hotx and how this platform is a reflection of the public’s sentiments. (To see post, click here)

On the Hotx platform, users will be able to vote for the hotter token that they think will rise in value. You can try  it out on Of course, for each time you vote correctly, in which case the token that you voted hotter rises in daily value, you will be rewarded with HotCoin.

So what exactly is HotCoin?

HotCoin is a community token based on the Katalyst blockchain protocol. This concept has been created so that you can join us in our vision of developing popular culture, one niche at a time. It also epitomizes the spirit and love behind popular culture all over the world. We intend for HotCoin to be the common currency of a whole ecosystem comprising like-minded people who get to meet, talk and interact with one another about what they love.

You can also use HotCoins to redeem for items under popular niches. For example, a KPop fan who knows everything about the popular niche of “K-entertainment” can benefit by using his/her HotCoins to redeem for items ranging from an IT gadget to a ticket for a live concert by EXO! Don’t you want to get up close and personal with Oh Sehun? And guess what? DAEBAK CLUB is offering you this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!


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Meanwhile, remember to set up your Katalyst Wallet ( in order to be able to receive the HotCoins as well as several other crypto-assets for your trading convenience.

Join the HotCoin Telegram Group (@hotcoin) to stay tuned to our updates and to find out more on how to be HOT in the community as we reveal to you soon on more of the niches that HotCoin will be made available to!

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