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The above figure is the present look and feel of We are now in the process of making it really easy for the users to use and yet at the same time be part of the crypto economy.

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To start off, they need to have their facebook account with them, and they login with a simple “Login with Facebook”. It is practically a 3 seconds process and they now would have an account.

Our future roadmap would include using an instagram / twitter login function to get more uses to be part of our Proof of Loyalty.

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There is a function to allow me to note down my wallet public address so that my future action on this website would be tagged to me and relevant rewards given to me via the KatalystDEX blockchain.



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The above is the list of users onĀ Presently, it is just our own team members and hopefully in the future you can be a user as well.

We thought of this facebook / instagram / twitter login function is because when we carry out the alpha and beta testing of the we experienced users trying to game the system by multiple registration of wallet to get free tokens to those addresses. By having social media login functionalities it allows convenience and at the same time Facebook provides some form of protection against multiple users registration.

In the future, there may be also protection against intentional new social media account creation for the purpose of registering in the system. Preventing once again multiple accounts by 1 person to game the system.

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The social media login functionalities would be plugged into to let hotcoin users enjoy the added security from this feature. Also protecting the value and worth of HotCoin so that people participating in the whole system can have their HotCoin ownership protected.

More updates coming along. As more and more features are implemented, Proof of Loyalty aims to be your blockchain partner for everyone. Not just technologists but generally every end user.

Thanks for reading this update.


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