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A Giant Commendation For Rise of the Small

Katalyst is proud to receive a word of tribute from a notable lawyer in Singapore, Samuel Seow, for the book Rise of the Small by founder and CEO, Raymond Ng.

Rise of the Small provides the reader with a holistic picture of the 3 main components of Blockchain – the law, finance and technology. Rather than dealing with the law as an afterthought during the design of Blockchain tokenomics, this book provides the reader with an insight on how tokenomics may be designed to avoid main pitfalls in legal compliance.” – Samuel Seow,  Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

“To receive this testimony from a reputable and capable lawyer makes my day. I hope that my book will help to meander across the legal maze of Blockchain ICO”, says Raymond Ng, founder and CEO of Katalyst.

The book will be officially launched in early-July 2018. However, you may also pre-order from the website

Make your pre-order purchase today!

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