Katalyst’s Founder–Raymond Ng–is moderator at the Blockchain Asia Forum 2018!

The BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS & ECONOMICS FORUM 2018 brought together business leaders and thinkers that are not yet on the blockchain but are evaluating its impact on their business. Held in Manila from 28-30th May, this is a groundbreaking industry conference that brings together distinguished thought leaders from Asia.

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With engaging discussions meant to stimulate reflection and change the way businesses are done, this forum is highly in line with KatalystCoin’s vision of creating a frictionless world. Our world’s first proof of loyalty concept aims to record and reward all economic activities, to create a more productive life for all.


Raymond moderated the panel discussion “How blockchain targets certain parts of the enterprise eco-system for change?”.

It was an excellent discussion and we thank the panel and the organizing community for being so enthusiastic!

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