According to Forbes, Vietnam may soon emerge as one of Southeast Asia’s top blockchain hubs. On the 23rd of May 2018, Katalyst’s Founder Raymond Ng spoke on the topic of Blockchain and Economics with the students of Eastern International University, Vietnam.

We are very humbled by the overwhelming turnout and the enthusiasm of the students! Truly, Vietnam is the emerging blockchain hub.

On the evening of 23rd of May 2018, the Katalyst team went down to Offiscience–a co-working space– to catch up with the vibrant blockchain community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as well.

We also had a panel and Raymond gave an interview there.

Once again, Vietnam was an interesting experience and we are very grateful for the opportunity to share our insights. The TV interview with Nami will be out really soon and we are looking forward to it!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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