It’s been two and a half weeks since I started day one of my stint as an PR intern at Katalyst and I have been asked to provide three things that I’ve learnt thus far about the human psyche and blockchain.

Not to say that I am an expert in blockchain or psychology, but I guess the intense sessions from brainstorming for the public relations side of things has taught me quite a bit i.e. how to sell myself to make all the penned down ideas a bang for a buck.

And of course, no innuendo intended especially since I have put selling myself and bang together (though I do think that innuendoes could be avoided, it does helps to illustrate a much more picturesque description in that grey matter of yours). I will try my best to make this blog post as digestible and delightful as possible.

I consider myself enfant terrible at times and very much a genius to begin with (or at least that’s what I think about myself mostly). By the by, you should always call yourself a genius because we are all ingenuous in our own way.

No matter the things that people say about you, one must always believe that he possesses the potential to do something out of nothing because we are all born this way, baby.

Just like me, I knew nothing about blockchain when I first started my job. It took me about a week or so to get even the slightest idea of how the technology’s system works.

And here I am now, learning how to do sales pitches, how to get expand my network via various platforms and the most obvious task, writing this blog post.

In Katalyst, we are taught to follow the three principles of making money: legal, ethical and moral. All three rarely flows in the same vein at the same time because it’s not as easy as it seems to practice them objectively. 

My colleagues and I were discussing on ways to expand our quality network which ipso facto leads to an increase in revenue (of course, knowing the best possible way to reduce cost as well) and to raise the economical well-being of individuals, not just us, but you too!

And ergo, you spin the PR gossamer webs to bring in the moolah. Being enfant terrible means unconventional and controversial, and it comes in handy when I have to throw in ideas, which also means that the ideas that I contributed on expanding our network were as such.

At last, none of the methods that I’ve stated to tumefy your network is inherently bad. It is what happens during or after a lappie or the boundaries that you never made clear from the start before the first meet up and the principles that you hold on to.

Katalyst has taught me the basic principles of being legal, ethical and moral in the way that money should be earned.

But all the ideas on how to PR came to me as I was thinking about how to make more money with the expansion of my network across the population.

I call this Rogue PR, and I love it!

Stay tuned for more exciting posts from me!

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