We have channels extending all the way to Europe, specifically Switzerland.


We have an office that can prepare for a project’s eventual Initial Public Offering in the HongKong Stock Exchange after a Token Generation Event is successful.


We also have an office in Singapore that would target Southeast Asean countries. From there we would be able to target Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

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We are also situated at Shanghai. As a group of companies, we also have handled the public stock listing in the stock market for over 20 companies.

We also have an office in Beijing, the capital of China!

Now with the Blockchain revolution going on, we believe we have an unique proposition to the market.

1) We have a proven track record being in conventional capital market.

2) The leaders of this group are well acquainted also with Blockchain and Open Source ideology. That means we would be able to address the market needs moving forward.

3) We have a strong legal team that is able to address the legal compliance moving ahead.

Other companies are either strong in conventional capital market or separately in technology. Rarely is there an offering which the group is strong in both.

Our present blockchain project is a project that disrupts Hollywood, decentralizing global entertainment. Subsequently we would have one that decentralizes global fashion industry. We also have projects in Southeast Asia that targets growth in Indonesia & Philippines. We are in the process of building up an assembly lines of crypto projects to transform the world using Blockchain technology.

We are in the process of building up our team. We need you to fill up the following position;

1) Customer service position – to assist our customers in the process of getting onto crypto world.

2) Marketing position – to assist our group in marketing to worldwide.

3) Technology Position – To build up our blockchain technology. We may require you to travel to Europe & to Singapore to report to our CTO.

We are open to partnership opportunities for those who are strong in those above mentioned markets.

This is an immensely high growth industry that would assist you in your career growth. On top of that, you may also benefit financially if you can perform. We want to build you to be able to lead our future projects which the career advancement is immensely rewarding and also at the same time you would be growing financially as well.

Blockchain is poised to make a difference to the lives of many people on our planet. It would not be just professional and financial growth, you would experience joy and happiness when you see people’s lives on our planet genuinely improved as a result of our immense desire to transform the world using blockchain.

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