I am writing this year in review for myself to keep stock of things, and also where applicable, if it is useful to any of my friends / clients they are free to apply the principles in this review.

This year is one of the most important years for me.

Firstly, this year is the year I earn the most amount of money in the shortest time possible – actually only in the last 3 months of the year. Many of my friends earn more than that in the same amount of time so I am actually a late bloomer.

To be technical S$ 5,000,000 is in networth but as much as S$ 1,500,000 would be in the form of cash. I also do not consider networth that are not immediately controllable – if I include them my networth could be S$ 20,000,000 already. Also, in the year of 2018, my net worth is likely to reach S$ 50,000,000 and above. Liquid access is likely to increase in proportion to that as well.

Secondly I do not want to give the impression that it was easy – like only requiring S$ 50. The fact of the matter is, I did only spend S$ 50 and what I got in return was S$ 5,000,000.

For the record, I spent over S$ 100,000 over the last 18 years on post university education. I spent S$ 40,000 on life coaching which I feel almost singlehandedly accounted for my recent small success. I still read daily, I still reflect what happens in my typical day before retiring for the night – something I was told that not everyone would do. Without the clarity, wisdom and emotional maturity, I would not be able to earn the S$ 5,000,000 in such a relatively short time.

I also have a relatively high IQ (could be easily in the top 1%), of which I prefer to keep confidential. It allows me to analyze facts, understand them, give a conclusion and act on them in mere days when others would take years to understand what is happening around them – much less to take any action. That said, IQ without clarity, wisdom and emotional maturity would not be able to give the same results as well. I know of people more intelligent than me yet have lesser success.

The area in which I achieve such great financial results is via crypto inventory (commonly known as cryptocurrency).

In recent years, there are people earning quite a fair bit of money from crypto inventory. However, maybe what is different is that people achieving results with S$ 50 is probably unheard of. Even if they do start with S$ 50.00 (or equivalent in their respective currencies) to end up with S$ 5,000,000 is probably even unheard of. At least not in 3 months.

In my opinion, those who earn their money from crypto trading is not sustainable. To make things worse, the profits they earn are not likely in the order of 10,000x of your startup capital.

And this is where I would distill a concept I learned in a self exploration course (Money & You) I attended about 8 years back. The concept is Precession. It is a concept coined by one of the most important futurists in the whole world – his name is Buckminster Fuller.


Picture : Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as “Spaceship Earth“, ephemeralization, and synergetic. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their structural and mathematical resemblance to geodesic spheres.

Precession is mentioned in one of Buckminster Fuller’s books, “Critical Path”.  In his words, “Precession is the effects of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion.” Natural phenomena that is observed in all things natural. All things that work you would observe Precession. From experience, you can take it if you are unaware of Precession or ignore the signs of Precession from the things you do – you would definitely fail.

The examples of Precession given in his seminal book are as follows;

Screenshot from 2017-12-25 23-23-33.png

Figure : Water dripping cause a precessional side effect of ripples along the surface.

Screenshot from 2017-12-25 23-23-52.png

Figure : Motion of earth a precessional side effect is 90 degrees to the gravitational force on earth. As a result of that, there is an additional precessional side effect, life on earth becomes possible as it is perpetually distant so that life becomes possible.


Figure : The bee is concerned with procuring honey for its own well being. Unknown to the bee, the true purpose is a precessional side effect of pollinating the flowers. In the process allowing flowers to be able to grow and survive. In fact, the precessional side effects of the bee extends far beyond the honey, with the flower surviving as a result, it may contribute a big part in making life possible for planet earth.

Without precession – life is impossible on Earth. In fact, without precession, no business is possible. The precessional side effects of the bees, water dripping & earth motion is so much more magnificent in scope and importance in scope that the observable part of the motion is minute compared to its effects (including precessional side effect).


The reason why I am able to generate S$ 5,000,000 of wealth for a start from S$ 50 investment is because I can observe and I have observed the precessional effects of crypto inventory. Not only do / can I observe, I also take actions to exploit and leverage on the precessional effects to gain the most financial benefits.

The precessional point about crypto inventory is not like what the press has made it to be. To buy something at USD 1,000 and reselling it for USD 20,000 (incidentally, that is the amount Bitcoin has risen over the year of 2017). Even if you did buy at USD 1,000 and reselling it for USD 20,000, you are still at a puny 20x returns compared to 10,000x returns.

The precessional point about crypto inventory is its side effect. It allows & lubricates trade that otherwise would not have happened. Crypto inventory’s true purpose and value is that it is an economic accounting unit that has high lubrication and little friction compared to conventional means. As a result of this, it can immediately has a high economic value immediately because the need and demand are readily available in the market. If the marketing and public relations is correctly executed then it is possible to encapsulate the value of that said market and its lubricated trade right under the crypto inventory you manage.

As a result of me seeing this precessional effects, I received revenue (actual cash, not paper worth) in the order of few hundred thousands in mere weeks. At the same time, I received investment that can be valued at hundreds of millions. If we execute it properly, the value of the my networth can easily go up to the billions. Beyond just money I also have a team gathered by my investor that I can work together with, number in tens now but would soon number in hundreds.

To reduce crypto inventory to be just an instrument to multiply your money by 20x is missing the trees for the woods. If anyone is aware of what is going on, why just settle for multiplying by 20x? Go ahead and multiply it by 10,000x and beyond.

By comparison, pure crypto trading by itself is very risky, and I shall illustrate by precession, or rather, the lack (of awareness) thereof.


What frightens me is that people who are attempting to profit from crypto inventory know very little of crypto inventory. They have no idea of its precessional effects. In fact, they vehemently refuse to see the precessional effects. When pointed out, they would reject the precessional effects. They want to just benefit from the buy-low-sell-high routine.

And from system science and from history, there is only 1 result resulting from this attitude. Near to complete loss of capital. You may not believe me in this, but what would you do when you invest USD 1,000 at the start of the year and now you receive USD 20,000 at the end of the year, what would you do? You would be seduced further into gaining further, but without understanding its precessional effects you would make a bigger bet this time and eventually you would lose all when the specific crypto inventory you are betting on fails.

Those who focus on the precessional effects would have their millions if not billions preserved even in the face of a market collapse because you would already have capitalized on serving the market need only visible to you and not to the rest of the punters who do not see the precessional effects.

The unspoken assumption of punters is that they trust the market unquestionably. And that is a big leap of faith here given the market given its irrationality would not price crypto inventory according to its precessional effects. Punters seem to vehemently deny 20,000x returns and settle for just 20x returns. They must have problems counting or perhaps they just do not see what is obvious if they had known or understood Precession.

From historical standpoint, I don’t envy the punters. They are almost destined to lose all their money.

Without precession (ignoring and rejecting the signs of precession), all lives perish.



What is more interesting is the recursive precessional effects. After completing the framework of what can serve the underlying market need the obvious way up is up. When you have companies all over the world leveraging on your framework to enjoy the precessional effects we would have billions flowing in. I see my net worth & liquid cash to be increasing even faster in 2018.

I can infer all these numbers while I may publish all these data and principles here I am sure that most who read it would not follow it. They would not heed my warning – that all punters would almost certainly lose their money eventually (or won’t earn much).

And all these boil down to one emotional parameter that is the most important – emotional awareness. That is why I deem my education in self & emotional exploration and life coaching to be the most important in this quest.

After all the precessional effects are there for everyone to observe but only accessible by someone who is emotionally aware. Such awareness has nothing or little to do with intellect so even with my seemingly high IQ, it did little to be aware. However, my IQ kicks into action once my awareness notices the precessional effects.

Emotional awareness is also important when money is being transacted. Often I notice among my friends, there are thoughts of undeservingness which makes them reject the money even when it comes their way. It made me feel deserving of receiving a big monetary support and it does not come from the fact that I need help but comes from the space of enabling a far greater precessional effects.

I am allowing nature and the market to tell me how big that my enterprise would become, and I listen to my thoughts when all the signs are being signaled to my brain and heart.

We are moving on to 2018, and I hope that I can run and manage my enterprises maturely. I am willing to receive and will to contribute where possible.

Where possible to grow together I am totally willing to grow along with anyone reading this article.

With that I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Have a bountiful 2018 ahead.

ps : I am open to my shareholders and also to my coin buyers as to the actual documentary evidences of all my successes, but forgive me I have no such obligations or patience with just about any reader online.

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