Development Positions – Our China Capital Partner Is Hiring

Our China capital partner is hiring a technological development team (of about 10 people) in Shanghai. Mr Raymond Ng is presently designated to gather the team and lead in the development of the following blockchain platform for the world to use.

1) Proof of Loyalty – Innovative protocol that is on top of the more traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW). It is a software protocol that rewards users for direct economic activities (like introducing a new user, etc) that contribute to a blockchain platform beyond the more conventional hashing power.

To know more, you may click here to read its white paper.

2) Barty Distributed Exchange – Adding more features to the Barty Distributed Exchange. We require more features inside this software to incorporate curation of new projects. Setting it up to make it easy for users to vote on projects.

To know more about Barty Distributed Exchange, you may click here to read its white paper.

Requirements are as follows;

  • Honours Degree majoring in Mathematics
    (expertise in number theory, set theory, statistics, cryptography preferred)
  • Honours Degree majoring in Computer Science
    (expertise in cryptography preferred. Expertise in parallel processing)
  • Honours Degree majoring in Engineering
    (expertise in cryptography preferred. Expertise in parallel processing)
  • Math Competitions
    (took part in International Math Olympiad or National Math Competitions)
  • Hacking Competition
    (took part in international hackathon, engineering / programming based competitions before)
  • Github Experience
  • Experience in configuring Linux failsafe takeover
  • Experience in Linux load balancing configuration
  • Experience in Java programming language
  • Experience in PHP
  • Expert in Python
  • Good communication as you may need to communicate with open source developers in Europe.

Qualified people would be rewarded immensely in a high growth blockchain industry. Our capital partner is highly experienced in listing companies in Shanghai and also in Hong Kong. Our token generating events would span projects from HongKong, Singapore, Europe, America & Southeast Asia.

Our staff is expected to be rewarded with stock options and rewards include some of the crypto tokens that our China capital partner may be incubating.

We will be primarily hiring in China. However, if you think you can also do well as a project manager over at Singapore, do email me, raymond at If you intend to work in Shanghai, you may also email me.

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