Do you know that Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works? As a practitioner in the arts and creative industry, would you like to find out how you can leverage on blockchain to reach your fans and audiences directly?

This event aims to shed some light about the recent movements in blockchain and how you can join us in creating a liberated arts industry where fans can and creators can participate in a movement that aims to cut the parasitic middle men.

We are looking for partners and those who would like to join us in creating the eco-system and infrastructure and participate in being part of this movement. ??The Libera Token aims to cut the red tape and bring back the passion for creators and those who participate in the Arts Industry.

We would like to share with you a concept on the Proof of Loyalty and how we think it is going to revolutionise the way people consume the arts and how you as an artiste / business in the creative industry can benefit from this. ??Also find out how we are using digital currency to purchase products and services in the Arts, eg. Concert tickets.

The Libera Token is part of the Katalyst platform. We will share how the Proof of Loyalty concept is currently being applied to a movie project and how we aim to do the same in the Libera Platform.

We humbly invite you to this event to know more about how you can profit.

Venue: Grand Copthorne Hotel, 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663
23 November 2017 (Thursday)

You may fill up the interest via this form;

LiberaCoin – Innovative Blockchain Platform that connects artistic creators to crypto paying consumers.

For the first time in Singapore history, you can purchase a concert ticket using cryptoinventory (often misnamed as cryptocurrency in media and public). The few accepted cryptoinventories are as follows;



This is a start of a fabulous movement in Singapore to liberate creators and give them the freedom that they deserve! Do not let their creativity be limited by bureaucracy!

The creators, consumers & society would also be benefiting from a wider choices of artistic creation. Making our lives a more colourful and meaningful one.

We want you to be a part of this revolution! We want you to come to this event to see how you can be a part and how you can benefit from this movement.

We are organizing the Vienna Boys Choir next year, 15 Jan 2018, at Esplanade;


Also they would be performing at Victoria Concert Hall on 13 Jan 2018;


Other than purchasing via the traditional means like credit cards or cash from sistic, you may also purchase via cryptoinventory.

LiberaCoin is a waves-based token that works as a “fuel” for the arts products and services. Eg. mainly books, live performance / concerts, paintings / works of art, digital music, movies / films, as well as training by artistes.


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