The Team is Gathered

Mr Raymond Ng is the founder of this project.

He graduated about 20 years ago with an Honours Degree in Information Systems & Computer Science. He has involved himself in corporate finance for the past 16 years. As a result of his proven experience, he also has been certified by a government supported certifying body known as the Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council. This certification allows him to apply for sizeable government related funding schemes to help companies to receive funding for potentially blockchain related projects.

Mr Teng Theng Dar is currently Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to Oman in 2008 and the former Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Business Federation – the apex chamber of the Singapore business communities. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Commerce) from Waseda University, Japan in 1979.

Mr. Yuan has more than 24 years of management experience in the world’s top financial institutions, including the Zurich Financial Services Group, Zurich Insurance Group, Bank of America and a number of private equity funds. He is the founder of MCG.

Ms Soh Wan Wei is a public relations professional who has interviewed more than 100 C-Level Executives to date, including presidents, ambassadors and politicians. In 2017, Wan Wei was the first and only Singaporean selected by the Prime Minister’s Office to helm Finland’s 100th years of independence project.

Mr Lester Lee started his first retail in 2009 and managed to break even within 6 months time. Went on to build his optical empire within six years. He strategize his business model by set up corporate division and ecommerce division to combat the ever changing business system. Lester Lee now leads the strategic vision of OPTOMETRIST ASIA group and is accountable for advancing and growing the company’s business lines through continued investment in ophthalmic innovation and service excellence.

Mr Joseph Kwok is currently the CEO/GM of SooChow Securities CSSD (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a licensed fund manager in Singapore that is 75% owned by SooChow Securities and 25% by CSSD (China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co. Ltd). He is also a director of China Reform Overseas Management Co Ltd & China Reform Puissance Overseas Holdings Limited (both Cayman entities) and an Independent Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chairman of 3 SGX main-board listed companies (ISR Capital, CWG International Ltd and Asia Fashion Holdings).

Mr. Philip Ko has more than 30 years of experience in the Asian financial markets and served as managing director and other high level roles in the Asia Pacific region for many established securities companies and investment banks e.g., (Societe Generale Group and CITIC Group). Mr. Ko is a select member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Derivatives Consultative Panel, with extensive knowledge in securities, derivatives and corporate finance. Mr. Ko is also a qualified Chartered Accountant having experience in the big 4 international accounting firms.

Mr. Zhang has 20 years of experience in venture investment and is a successful venture investor. Mr. Zhang is the director of a starter project of a top Chinese university’s Shanghai alumni. Since 2004, Mr. Zhang has begun to execute industry investments for domestic large scale listed companies, and provide financial services and advice for world 500 strong enterprises in their M&A projects in China.

Ms Iris Koh has joined us as Advisor. Being a musician, she provides another perspective among the other more technically inclined members of management or advisors. Under the umbrella of Katalyst, she would be heading her own blockchain token. Iris is an accomplished pianist, music director, choral conductor, vocal coach and composer. She has worked extensively with the local and international schools in Singapore with experiences in choral, classroom, piano and voice methodologies.

Mr Nick Johnston founded a recruitment company in Tokyo called Wall Street Associates (WSA) Japan in 1999. WSA diversified into several sectors and into other cities in Japan. From his strong leadership, he made oriented; He ensured WSA were the first international recruitment company to receive the ISO the business efficient, transparent and strongly process 9001 2000 certification in Japan.

Mr Benjamin Yang is an internationally sought-after F&B and Retail Profit Strategist. He is known as an architect who has been working behind the scenes to assist many big international brand names. Using his proven Profit Intelligence Technology System, Benjamin has a track record of exponentially assisting companies to accelerate their growth and increase sales. Beyond his F&B and Retail expertise, Benjamin is also the Co-Founder of Novitee and Balanced Consultancy. Under his leadership, he has grown his company from a 2-man start-up to one of Singapore’s fastest growing IT companies, hiring more than 40 people with international offices spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Myanmar.

Ms Ooi Lay Leng has extensive experience in financial markets. She was a fund manager as well as a local regulator for our sovereign fund for 34 years. Her background and past career in managing public funds included lengthy work stints in both London and New York financial centres. She just left the service last year. She is currently a director at SunH Holdings Pte Ltd.

Mr Jamie Lee co-founded Lunch Actually in April 2004 together with his wife Violet Lim which is Lunch Actually is South East Asia’s biggest dating group. He helped expand the businesses from Singapore to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

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