Bounty Program

The following list of activities is the list of activities to be rewarded. Exact amount to be announced later.

For those interested, please submit your email and your respective Waves address.

1) Twitter​ ​retweets​ – retweets of the official tweets from the official accounts. Follow our account at

2) Facebook​ ​posts​ – posts / shared posts of blog articles / facebook posts. Follow our fan page at

3) Automated​ ​emails​ – Forms in which bounty program participants can fill up to send introduction emails to the prospect. Fill up your email, you would be informed.

4) Signature​ ​files​ ​- Signature files that reside on famous web forums like The signature files would point back to the ICO website.

Again, please submit your email and your waves address if you are interested in participating in this.

For those who have yet to install the Waves wallet yet, please do so at the following URL before filling up the form

Join our public telegram group at the following URL;

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