Some of you know that I just went to Hong Kong for a visit, to talk to my investor in Hong Kong & China. My investor comes with immense experience in the capital industry. When he was younger, he was a software developer. He is versatile with open source methodology and ideology, and with his immense experience in capital he would also be a valuable addition to the team.

Mr. Yuan has 24 years of management experience in the world’s top financial institutions, including the Zurich Financial Services Group, Zurich Insurance Group, Bank of America and a number of private equity funds. He is the co-founder and CEO of Millennium Capital Group and MCG Holdings Group.

Mr. Yuan served as a team leader in Zurich Financial Services Group and was responsible for managing the development of financial products. Mr. Yuan also served in Zurich Global Assets, Zurich insurance, Zurich Capital Market, Zurich Reinsurance, Zurich Scudder Fund and Zurich Kemper Investments. Mr. Yuan has rich experience in financial products and Medium Term Notes. Mr. Yuan has also provided financial advice to international groups, including Fortune 500 enterprises. Mr. Yuan has guided and advised for many acquisitions of overseas top brands. Mr. Yuan was one of the founding members and General Partners of Yun Stone Fund and was responsible for equity investment and technical evaluation and acquisition of projects overseas.

Mr. Yuan was involved and led more than 40 complex financial transactions, including large-scale M&As, reinsurance projects, international securities transactions and cross-border transactions. As the co-founder of Millennium Capital Group and MCG Holdings Group, Mr. Yuan has built a team of more than 20 global partners with deep industrial connections at home and abroad in six major capital markets around the world (including China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore).

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