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New Advisor : Mr Benjamin Yang


Benjamin Yang is an internationally sought-after F&B and Retail Profit Strategist. He is known as an architect who has been working behind the scenes to assist many big international brand names.

Using his proven Profit Intelligence Technology System, Benjamin has a track record of exponentially assisting companies to accelerate their growth and increase sales. Beyond his F&B and Retail expertise, Benjamin is also the Co-Founder of Novitee and Balanced Consultancy. Under his leadership, he has grown his company from a 2-man start-up to one of Singapore’s fastest growing IT companies, hiring more than 40 people with international offices spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Myanmar.

He is frequently featured in the media and has had appearances in The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, The Business Times, Singapore Business Review, The New Paper, JustHRAsia, ZDNet, StJobs, BFM Radio, etc.

An internationally sought-after speaker, Benjamin is regularly invited to address international audiences at numerous high key events.Linkedin

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