What are we acting on now

Things are really moving on fast, and these are the plans now.

1) The version of the white paper is now 0.9 and is only circulated in very closed circles. We got to finish it and release the ver 1.0 of the white paper.

Upcoming version 2.0 of the white paper would of course contain the projects in China that KatalystCoin would be expanding to as well.

2) The slogan for KatalystCoin is to be decided. There would be rewards in terms of fiat or crypto for the winning vote for the winning slogan.

3) Completing the official token website at

4) Form an associate group to represent the interests of KatalystCoin all over Southeast Asia.

5) The prototype for KatalystCoin would be decided. There is a framework to correctly decide what projects is more crypto friendly.

We look forward to working with the community to extend the benefits of KatalystCoin.

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