I am going to use Uber as an example. However, I know that Uber may not be the best example to use because of all the scandals that it has been involved in.

That said, I cannot deny that the business model designer has given a lot of thoughts to design the business model of Uber – it is a business model that has zero cost of sale thus giving it near to 100% of its revenue being its gross profit.

Without further ado, let me illustrate the scalability of Uber with this image [zero cost of sale].


Compared to the driver, Uber has zero cost of sale, which can allow Uber to expand its operations further for revenue catchment.

This is the first parameter to look out for in the KatalystCoin blockchain platform. There are other parameters. Stay tuned to be informed and updated.

Additional Notes

I also understand that as a company it has lost a lot of money over the years. For that end, I feel that Adyen is a better example to illustrate. A company with gigantic gross profit with practically zero cost of sale and also a healthy net profit to top it off.

Adyen is the payment processor for Uber. A company that does not need to spend excessively on marketing that depletes its gross and net profit. Thus, it explains that a scalable unicorns may not necessarily have to lose money to gain its billion dollar valuation.

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