There is a new addition to the Board of Advisors. Mr Jamie Lee is the co founder of Lunch Actually, a leading lunch dating group in Southeast Asia. His business expertise is in operations planning and execution. We are also in the process of planning for his Initial Coin Offering.

Without further ado, let me introduce him.

Mr Jamie Lee co-founded Lunch Actually in April 2004 together with his wife Violet Lim which is Lunch Actually is South East Asia’s biggest dating group. He helped expand the businesses from Singapore to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

Mr Jamie Lee is the business mechanic behind the business who has helped build up the systems and products from nothing to ensure that the matches and operations are efficiently accomplished.

Together we look forward to implementing great initial coin offerings. For those who are interested to be in our mailing list, we would be updating you on the pre sales stage of Katalyst Initial Coin Offering. Other coins incubated by the KatalystCoin would be offered as well.

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