There is a new addition to the management team. Mr Lester Lee is desired for his business skills or organization and leadership. He would be building up a strong team for KatalystCoin. Two of the coins incubated by KatalystCoin will also be the coin for his business.

Without further ado, let me introduce him.

Lester Lee started his first retail in 2009 and managed to break even within 6 months time. Went on to build his optical empire within six years. He strategize his business model by set up corporate division and ecommerce division to combat the ever changing business system. Lester Lee now leads the strategic vision of OPTOMETRIST ASIA group and is accountable for advancing and growing the company’s business lines through continued investment in ophthalmic innovation and service excellence.

Lester Lee is an innovator in the optical industry, drawing on his experience as both a optometrist and was involved in setting up multiple entities such as Optometrist@work, Perception, Perception @ Boon Lay, Eyecare 24/7,

Mr Lester Lee is also a comprehensive optometrist who specializes in primary vision care, contact lens fittings, problem-focused eye examinations, Paediatrics eye care, urgent eye care, and pre- and post-operative care. He had worked in hospital and various optical shops. He graduated in Singapore Polytechnic in 2004 in Diploma in optometry. He went on to receive his bachelor and master in clinical optometry in Pennsylvania College of Optometry in U.S in 2008.

After completing optometry school, he went overseas for eye screening helping people restoring their sight and improving villagers’ vision through aids of free glasses provided by various charity groups. The whole group went to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia for various charity trips for eye screening. He was also involved in Church missionary trip to Nepal.

Mr Lester Lee is licensed for the practice of optometry by the Ministry of Health Singapore.. He is also a member of the Optometrist & Optician Board Singapore.

Together we look forward to implementing great initial coin offerings. For those who are interested to be in our mailing list, we would be updating you on the pre sales stage of Katalyst Initial Coin Offering. Other coins incubated by the KatalystCoin would be offered as well.

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