It was a friday evening and while most people were out winding down for the weekend, about 70-80 people were gathered in national library in Singapore to know more about Blockchain.

Introduced the basic concept of Blockchain, specifically Proof of Work. I excluded Proof of Stake as I think it is too complicated for a general audience to be able to understand POW & POS in a short evening.

Also introduced the KatalystCoin’s ICO. Introduced something revolutionary not done by most of our Blockchain peers all over the world, it is to form an affiliate model out of an ICO, so that more people can be involved and our coins would be more widely spread.

For those who are interested to find out more about our Initial Coin Offer, you may fill up the following form. After that you would be on our newsletter as well as given a chance to join our whatsapp / telegram groups. Thanks.

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