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New Advisor on Board : Mr Teng Theng Dar


Graciously, Mr Teng Theng Dar has agreed to be serving KatalystCoin as an Advisor. We are also exploring Mr Teng being involved on a deeper level.

Mr Teng comes with great credentials.

Mr Teng Theng Dar is currently Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to Oman since 2008 and the former Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Business Federation – the apex chamber of the Singapore business communities. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Commerce) from Waseda University, Japan in 1979.

Mr Teng Theng Dar joined the International Division of Kao Corporation, Japan in 1979 and was with the company until January 1992. From 1992 to 2002, Mr. Teng served in various C-level positions at different companies including P T Rodamas Co Ltd, TV Media Holdings Pte Ltd, Nostrad International Pte Ltdand Consolidated Foods Australia Ltd. He also served as member of the Food Industry Advisory Council, Victoria State, Australia. In addition, he served as CEO of ABR Holdings Limited between end 2001 to end 2002. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Intraco Ltd from Dec 2002 to Feb 2008.

To know more about him, you may visit his illustrious Linkedin profile to know him better.

We hope that with his illustrious experience would be able to provide great value of KatalystCoin and its users.

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