Ever since the dawn of 5,000 years of human history oil has been present deep inside our grounds. For most of the 5,000 years of history, oil has remained unknown, untapped. Other than being the gooey stuff buried deep underground, it has no economic value to humanity at all.

That is until in the recent history when technological innovation for the last 150 years to have engines, machineries, cars, planes, generators. Oil has become the fuel for the growth of these economies and as a side effect, world economics has been transformed.

For something that has practically no value at all for most of human history, oil achieves its value because the techniques to extract it from earth has improved and also at the same time, modern inventions grew to use oil as well. Trillion dollar size economies all over the world have become possible as a result of oil..

J.D. Rockefeller amassed a gigantic estimated net worth of USD 600 billion in today’s dollar just by founding Standard Oil, that brought kerosene initially to light up American homes, and later gasoline for transports. Of course, oil now is dwindling in importance, but the parallel is important to understand a blockchain revolution at hand.

Modern blockchain platforms like Ethereum or Waves, provide the oil & fuel for customised blockchain tokens to be created and smart contracts to be implemented. Ethereum & Waves are like oil & fuel just like the oil & fuel that powered cars, machineries and engines – just that they power the creation of tokens & innovative business models.

With customised tokens and their respective use case which implements new business model like Uber, Airbnb or even business models not thought of yet. Only difference is that business model would innovate faster compared to even 10 years back.

Now, due to a greater demand of Waves or Ethereum as oil & fuel for this customised token creation, the market cap of Waves has grown from a puny USD 14 million on July 2016 to USD 441 million at the time of writing (6 Aug 2017). Ethereum grew from USD 886 million to USD 24 billion for the same period.

Katalyst Coin is the oil & fuel for the discovery and investing exploitation of disruptive and scalable business models. This is in contrast with venture capital. They conventional venture capital model is still pretty much using a dated model of investing & waiting for 3-5 years. Their discovery technique is based on existing and projected performance, which is at best guesswork that accounts for near to 90% casualty rates for venture capital investment. Their only consolation is that the 10% right guess may give them 1000x financial returns, covering the loss in other failed investments.

Katalyst Coin blockchain platform allows the discovery and realisation of profits from 5 years to 2 months. Success rate should be at least 80% and giving the users of Katalyst 1000x financial returns. Individuals possessing Katalyst would have a gigantic profit possibility as this oil & fuel would be highly demanded by the market to discover & invest into disruptive and scalable business.

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