We understand that it can be intimidating for a new person to explore cryptoinventory (commonly called cryptocurrency by the media).

You may lose your crypto when you cannot remember your password / passphrase.

You may worry that your crypto is lost as a result of hacking attempts.

You need to wait for 1 month to get your account and identity verified before you can buy your first crypto.

Katalyst is here to make it easy for you, by us giving you Katalyst for free when you join our telegram group. Our telegram group would have education materials for you, and you can try out and learn using small baby steps until you are ready to embark more on your crypto journey.

We may of course market our future products / services to you but you are not obligated to buy anything. Just take part and benefit.

Joining our telegram group. Click on the telegram logo to join our group!


When you join our group, just mention, “10 Katalyst” and someone would guide you to get the cryptoinventory.

We wish you all the success.